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Slowing Down is Good for You (6 tips)

I know, you want it all... but can you? We've been told we can "have it all" if we work hard enough. We can multi-task ourselves into a life of leisure (Am I the only person that sees that's a paradox?). We can have our cake and eat it, too. But, you know what? That was a lie-- told to you by people who profit from your labor and exploitation.

All this running around is good for the makers of fast-food, diet plans, the medical-industrial complex, fitness gurus, "planners and organizers," bankers, lawyers, and corporate executives who make a lot of money by convincing you to do all their work while they golf. This system may be good for the 1%, this lifestyle is not healthy for you or 99% of society.

Don't you want to slow down? I sure do.
Here are Some Places to Start Slowing Down: As with many new endeavors, it's best to start small... so, here we go, one step at a time.
Eating: Take the time to cook something, preferably with another person. When …

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