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Home Health Care Aides: A Crisis in Texas

According to the Texas Workforce Commission, personal care professionals are 1 and 3 of the top, fastest growing occupations in Texas. And the need will only increase as the population ages.

Three Fastest Growing Occupations (TWC stats):
1. Personal Care Aides
2. Cooks, Restaurant
3. Home Health Aides
4. Nurse Practitioners

What's more disturbing is that the starting pay has stagnated at $8.00 hr. Yes, you read that right: $8.00 /hr. I dare you to try to live on that in Austin (or anywhere else, for that matter).

$8.00 x 40 hours per week x 4 weeks per month = $1280 / month (pre-tax). Ask yourself: how much is your rent or mortgage? Try renting an apartment in Austin for $1280 per month... and eat... and put gas in your car... and keep the lights on.

The low pay creates a scarcity of aides as the market attracts workers elsewhere. Major retailers, such as Target (whose set their minimum wage at $10/hr), pay more. Even Wal-Mart offers benefits that care workers do not get. Everyday,…

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