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Thank you I'd like to thank everyone who helped me in the first year of my art and writing adventure. You are extremely valuable to me, the independent artist and writer, because you took a chance and bought art or books, volunteered to read early drafts of the graphic novel and gave feedback, or invested in me on Kickstarter. You made it possible for me to continue doing my work during the critical times when it looked attractive to give up. Thus, I’m eternally grateful. I’d like to express that gratitude by offering you a Charter Membership in
What do Charter Members get?Free electronic subscription to Flightless, a letter story or a discounted paper subscriptionLifetime 15% discount on purchases from https://scribblefire.comInvitations to exclusive events and offers5x7 hand made block print (see video below) that is your Charter Membership card

If you bought a book at the Rosedale Event, Malern Books, or at, I don't have your contact information…

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